Wood, Coffee Root and Driftwood Lamps on Indonesia Export — Made in Bali Wholesale Only

If you’re interested in Driftwood, Liana or Coffee Root lamps & decor, you might like to take a look at our new category of lamps.

Driftwood, coffee root and liana roots are used in mirror frames, wall art, free standing sculpures and conversation pieces but, in our opinion, they’re at their best as lamps.

You can see a preview of our wholesale range of these products by clicking here:

Wholesale Driftwood, Coffee Root & Liana Lampshades from Bali at Indonesia Export

For this preview, we’ve included the pricing below each thumbnail but if you’d like to see the pricing on the rest of the catalogue, please visit our request for prices page, fill out the form (we’ve made it as straightforward as humanly possible) and we’ll get back to you asap with access to pricing.

Alternatively, you can email to info@indonesiaexport.co.uk.



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  • Introducing Indonesia Export Ltd — the UK Outlet for Indonesia Export products.

    Introducing Indonesia Export Ltd

    We’ve launched a new branch or outlet for the Indonesia Export family: Indonesia Export Ltd (link opens in a new window).

    If you’re in the UK, you’re much better off visiting the UK version of the catalogue as we have made some logistics and distribution deals in Britain that ultimately mean a better service for clients in the UK.

    Advantages include:

    • Smaller Minimum Order — £200.00 compared with the US$2,000.00 on the original website.
    • Cheaper Shipping for small orders (by way of shipping inside our containers).
    • More contact. A direct line to the management in the same time zone.
    • Return Policy — we’ve always guaranteed what we ship but returns have been impossible so our guarantee has effectively meant we’ve lost huge amounts of money by not being able to receive, service & resell problem products. This has also meant we’ve restricted our catalogue and supply network to products we believe we can produce and ship with relatively little risk. The greatest benefit will likely be furniture — meaning, we’ve got a much better opportunity of shipping furniture out of Bali now that we know that if we run into a problem on the UK side, we can simply take back the problem piece and fix it.
    • Recourse to Law — I’ll never know for sure but I would guess that many people who would like to try importing for the first time are put off by the well known pitfalls of dealing with foreign companies that cannot be held accountable for the products they ship (if they ever ship them). If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, read this article on the Indonesia Export blog.

    We’re pretty happy with the new site — as always, it’s built from scratch (I made myself so if you run into any problems, you can just shout at me). A few new wrinkles and moving parts. My hope is that the changes are useful rather than merely pretty.

    New stylesheets have been added via the 960 Grid System. Very handy way of wireframing a site. A few bits and bobs of Javascript to move content around on the front page and a more descriptive (and, therefore I hope, useful) top menu for navigation.

    All in all, I hope it’s an improvement without being too much of a departure. If you have an opinion, let me know.