About Me

This is Who I am…

Possibly, you didn’t know or I might not have mentioned but recently I was in a terrible motorbike crash…

I drink coffee like a maniac.

I smoke like a chimney.

I talk like an express train.

I swear like a trooper.

I was born in England but the family is all Irish. So Irish in fact, that other Irish people are not regarded as Irish at all. As a child, I spoke Gaelic before I spoke English but that’s all faded away now.

When I was small (say, under ten), my father called me a plastic paddy — I’m still insulted by the label but that’s probably what I am.

When I was older, I used to like to think of myself as a bit of a tough guy.

When I was older still, I wished to be seen as an intellectual.

Now, I live in Bali and try hard to not care about how other people see me at all. It’s hard work.

I’m the owner of Indonesia Export — Bali’s only decent supplier of handicrafts (said with a smile). The company started on a computer, on the desk of my best friend and founder of the company, Steve Miller. We took it from there to a fully legal company on one of Bali’s main streets. It’s hard work.

I have a beautiful girlfriend, Athina, and a lazy, good-for-nothing, black dog: Mojo.

I’ve been described as:

  • An emotional brick wall.
  • Rude.
  • A bastard.
  • A rude bastard (you get the idea).
  • Best Friend.
  • Big brother.

I choose to not disagree with any of those descriptions.

I regard myself as a romantic and I try hard to be kind, honest and ethical — it’s hard work. Occasionally I’m brave, usually not. Lazy? Yes. Flawed? I don’t have enough energy to share the details but yes.

I like chocolate, coffee, cigarettes. Japanese food. Indonesian food. Junk food.

I like geckoes (small lizards) that creep around walls, I like Chik-chaks — even smaller lizards, one lives in my printer and occasionally makes me jump when I go to change the paper.

I like large lizards that lumber across the main street during traffic jams.

I like dogs. Very much.

I like the way the sun sets off Legian beach in Bali and I’ve liked it that way for about eight years.

I used to like cold weather but now I like it hot & humid.

I like rain any time of day of day or night — not just the sound, which hits me like a low, groovy drumbeat but also the feel of it on my face and back.

I read too fast. Sometimes I drive too fast. I think a bit. I talk too much — usually about crap.

I don’t like cockroaches but, as a species, hats off to them. Plus, I see them every day so what can I do?

Any questions?

6 Replies to “About Me”

  1. sean, i love your “about me”, you sound like a great guy, im so glad to know you have evolved, it may seem like a grand observation and one that seems impossible to make on such short description, but its possible for me to say, maybe ..for what ever reason….but i guess all these years of worrying that you’ld self destruct have ended. youre sorted, and i’m so excited about getting to know you again…just as i was excited about being your friend in our previous lives…rob. mate, great to be in touch.

  2. Rob… still my best mate… Past, Present, Future. Funny how so much changes but then it doesn’t change at all. [Quoting Puss in Boots from Shrek: “I will not cry…”]

    Man, I feel so up right now after talking to you; like mainlining.

  3. I have no idea how Rob came across this but this is incredible! I am so glad your two paths have crossed once again. If there was ever two people who should have hooked up again, it’s you two.

    Sorry to hear about your crash. Without wanting to put my foot in it, I hope you are OK.

  4. Get over the plastic paddy crap, it is far more insulting to be called a plastic bidín…conjures up all sorts of images of a hairy faced old woman, smelling of pee, with some huge hunchback growing up over her head…Oh and just for the record, I can nearly say Robert now without it coming out as Wobert…it depends on the levels of vino! I just needed to get that off my chest. Thank you.

  5. Blimey, you really nearly did die! I was almost right. Glad to see you got over the fear of the photograph. And they have spiders there? Are you okay with thems too? I never met your sister, wanted to but thems the breaks. Tell her I am a hairy faced old woman, only smell of pee after a good night out.It isn’t so bad really. Oh yes, I’m in southern california, so you cant see the hair, but its there. It’s there I tell you.

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