Check out Rob Martin’s music — Aurange

Rob’s a musician now. Not full time and not because he’s trying to get rich and famous or naked and famous (everybody wants to be naked and famous, I think).

You can listen and / or download his stuff here or head over to his website, Aurange .

None of that stuff — he spent the last twelve years (between London, Houston & Moscow… at least, I think it’s Moscow — that and Stalingrad are the only two cities I know in Russia and he’s not in Stalingrad)… learning a bunch of different instruments just to make himself happy.


And he’s good. He’s very good.

He styles himself as Folk but what I hear is grungier so if it is folk, it’s kind of Punk Folk or Folk Anthem.

And it’s good. It’s very, very good. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend. That’s just a bonus. A big bonus but incidental.

The music is personal, felt, direct, smart, intimate and classy. Just like the man himself.

Picture of RobOh, and don’t crab about the audio quality… some of this stuff is just recorded live into his “crappy mp3 player”… Rob’s the first technophobic engineer in history; his only concession to the modern world is probably a big fu*k off Ducati and a drum machine he bought himself a while back.

So anyone who stops by here snooping motorbike crashes or whatever, take a moment to listen to some good music — it might be your first chance to get to know a really special geezer and my best friend for nearly twenty years.

I’ve attached one song with this post and I’ll add the others in following posts over the next couple of days — this is Sea of Life — Enjoy


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