Wood, Coffee Root and Driftwood Lamps on Indonesia Export — Made in Bali Wholesale Only

If you’re interested in Driftwood, Liana or Coffee Root lamps & decor, you might like to take a look at our new category of lamps.

Driftwood, coffee root and liana roots are used in mirror frames, wall art, free standing sculpures and conversation pieces but, in our opinion, they’re at their best as lamps.

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You can see a preview of our wholesale range of these products by clicking here:

Wholesale Driftwood, Coffee Root & Liana Lampshades from Bali at Indonesia Export

For this preview, we’ve included the pricing below each thumbnail but if you’d like to see the pricing on the rest of the catalogue, please visit our request for prices page, fill out the form (we’ve made it as straightforward as humanly possible) and we’ll get back to you asap with access to pricing.

Alternatively, you can email to info@indonesiaexport.co.uk.



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