Sean Hynes

seanhynesonlineOne of the wonderful (truly wonderful) features of the new WordPress is that you can export / import the whole blog so, rather than spend a day or two copying articles back and forth between here and Bali Belly, I’ve been able to get Sean Hynes up to speed in 5 minutes flat.

If anyone’s following this stuff (and judging from the barrage of junk and spam, I’m only being seen by robots), is my own little vanity site — a place for me to lay out the daily stuff on a personal level.

There’s not a lot of new info here (as I write); most of the content being a copy of articles originally hosted on Bali Belly. The Bali Belly site will now be used to separate off topics related to normal, daily life here in Indonesia.

If you have any questions, or even just want to say, “Hi”, drop me a line at — I’ll answer when I have a moment.


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