Going to Jail in Bali doesn’t seem like such a bad thing really…

Ok, you can pretty much ignore the title but an interesting thing…
Yesterday, over lunch with the chaps of Indonesia Export, going over the weekend activities, it turned out that Antonia went to mass at Kerobokan jail (most recently featured worldwide with stories on the Bali Nine, Schappelle Corby and all the other distinguished Australian ambassadors of goodwill currently serving time or getting shot on Bali).

Of all the places I’ve never thought of going to mass, not going to mass at the local jail would have to be in the top ten (convoluted, I know).

So I was quite interested to see photos of Bali jail — no politics in it, just one of those places in Bali that you don’t get to see very often (unless watching drug dealers sobbing) and not as dark or awful as you might have imagined.

Everybody looks pretty relaxed and well fed.

One guy’s wearing a gold watch (ahem).

Having said that, Heppy (one of the chaps) also used to visit the jail quite frequently with the priests to say mass… (used to be an altar boy).

According to Hep, the cells at Kerobokan jail are really quite dismal and crappy. Of course, in Bali, in Jail, you’d be more worried about getting buggered than anything else but there you go.

Anyway, I figured someone out there might be interested so, enjoy.

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