Sophie Hynes — One Hundred Percent GURRRL

Went to the doctor yesterday for our regular check up… Athina had to pee in a cup, get immunised and get jabbed in the ear a few times to make sure she bleeds and congeals properly. I watched a replay from Euro 2008… you know, “DAD” stuff.

vlcsnap-1884358And the scan of course.

The montly event to which I look forward the most… wow, I sound like Yoda today. Let’s just say I love the scans.

At Merdeka Clinic, the scans are not great… I think it must be an old ultrasound image that gave rise to that popular phrase, “he can’t tell his arse from his elbow”. Apparently, I’m that bloke.

Ah well, forget about that: here’s the main news:

1. Sophie is — the doctor is “100%” sure — a GIRL. Which, of course, is brilliant. I was not looking forward to sitting down with my tearful young son (Boy Named Sue playing on endless loop in the background) and explaining why we named him Sophie. And hats off to the doctor… I have no idea how he could be so sure…

2. Sophie is a happy, healthy 730g (just a hair over 1.6 pounds if you’re Imperial) baby.

3. Likely expected date has been brought forward to September 29th so we’ve just taken a hop into the 25th week and heading at top speed into week 26. Excellent.

I’ll upload the incomprehensible and frankly not much-use-at-all ultrasound tomorrow morning.

Here’s the Video:

Or watch at Google:

Sophie Hynes – Ultrasound June 19 – I’m a Girl, Can’t You Tell?


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