Tiger Woods can still represent…

As usual, my junk mail folder is overflowing… nice to see these hardworking chaps and chapesses at Spam Central don’t slack off during the holiday season. Anyway, one I found funny: a bunch of spam mail for that blue pill (you know the one) that runs something along the lines of, “Yes, now you can stay up all night like Tiger.” I just caught the message as I was permanently deleting the email but it is funny. So, Tiger, if you’re out there, I want you to know you can still pick up sponsorship… maybe it’s not Pepsi and all that but there’s plenty of money in those little blue pills and don’t forget the other related products… condoms, lubricating gels… now, that would revolutionise the sport of golf.

[Edit: Friday, January 8th]

Thank you Shirley Conran (shan’t put a link in because there’s a strong possibility that’s not a real name) for sending me another junk email related to Mr. Woods. It’s a simple and straight forward message: “Master the art of satisfying women.” And, in a second message, Gloria Mackey (these junk mailers are really good at coming up with names these days), tells me I can, “Score like Tiger Woods with free trial.”

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