Astro (Nusantara / Indonesia) Sucks… No Premier League

A year ago, I switched from Indovision partly because they dropped the Premier League Football coverage but also because they dropped the coverage with zero warning… in other words, right up until kickoff on the first Saturday of the season, I was still waiting for the games to begin… and stayed in front of the set for an hour past kickoff thinking, maybe… just maybe, it was some kind of technical goof. But no: they just blew it and lied to all their subscribers.

So I switched to Astro and, tonight, had exactly the same experience… keep checking the sports channels but even though the channel guide refers to football, all I’m seeing is old Pool games and Baseball. Two things which generate less than zero interest for me even when they’re live… which these shows aren’t.


I suppose the Braniacs at Astro just couldn’t risk losing that extra month of money if they’d announced NOT showing the Premier League as soon as they knew.

I wonder how that policy is going to work for them in the long run?

Hopefully, my case will be the same as for most of their subscribers… they don’t show decent movies; their entertainment shows are all a minimum of one year old. Their navigation and equipment is slow, failure-prone… out of date… crappy. And, now they’ve dropped the only thing I wanted them for, they’re less than useless. So, off I go: back to Indovision until a decent alternative becomes available. I hope every other subscriber does the same… it’s weird to think we’re all paying for old movies, out of date entertainment and now, no sports… no football, no Olympics… sheesh.

How disappointing.

On the bright side, I’ll sleep earlier and shout less.

Goodnight all.

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  1. Hey man, I totally agree. We switched to Astro Nusantara a while ago because we thought they DID say they would cover the premier league. So off I go yesterday sitting in front of the TV waiting for the first game of the season and.. NOTHING.

    The only reason I subscribed is because of the premier league. Wasted my money, really. Wasted my time, and ruined my weekends.

    Very very dissapointing indeed. Glad someone said something about this 🙂


  2. Latest news on this is a new channel, Aora ( who are now offering the Premier League… I won’t be switching however… I’m just going to leave football on the backburner and do something else like learn to play guitar.

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