Balinese Umbrellas page in Google… now you see it, now you don’t…

white-balinese-umbrella …annoyed with google again… put up a new page at Indonesia Export for Wholesale Balinese Umbrellas.

A few hours later, checked google on the off-chance that it had gone into the index and was delighted to find that it was already there and respectably listed (fourth or fifth)… not the super dooper top listing but more than adequate. Monday morning, it’s gone and I can’t imagine why.

We’re on the page (down in eighth position or so) but not the actual umbrellas page that was there on Friday night – now it’s just our homepage.

Even stranger, a search of “wholesale bali umbrellas” (without the quotes) turns us up the correct page in about fifth position while “bali wholesale umbrellas” (again, without the quotes) has us in second place.

Cannot figure it out and not sure I would ever have the energy to bother. Just an odd, annoying result.


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