Telkomsel Speedy


My speed test result from Speedy net (by Telkomsel).

This is my high speed internet supplier at a cost of about US$120.00 per month…

…good Grief, you can cut the irony with a knife.

Every day, they start out well fluffing around the 300k mark… ok, maybe not ‘well’… more middling and then just as you start to need the speed they drop right down to nearly nothing… that’s right: from middling to piddling.

I used to use BlueLine at the office (I still have them at home) but they kept crapping out on me as well. 20 minutes of play nice (up to a whopping 384) followed by 5 days on ice… at US$300.00 per month (and sometimes more).

Ah well, not that much to say and certainly nothing intelligent: it’s only a rant after all.

Or possibly a gripe.


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